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Beach hopping in Malta

Beach hopping is fun and adventurous, especially when on holiday on islands like Malta. It is an exciting activity to do while you are on vacation with your family or if you are traveling with your friends. If you are into activities like surfing, snorkeling, diving, etc., you will definitely find the perfect locations to have fun. Lying on a beach, one can enjoy the beauty of nature and the sea, while feeling totally relaxed and at ease.

Here are the best destinations for beach hopping in Malta, recommended by our travel experts.

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St George’s Bay

St. George’s Bay is a popular beach situated in St. Julian’s. This beach, although small, is popular with tourists and locals alike, especially in summer. Its perfect location makes it easily accessible, and youngsters tend to gather here. The bay is surrounded by a number of restaurants, shops, bars, and nightclubs. Originally, this bay had a rocky coast, until it was later converted into a sandy beach. Since then, the bay gained its popularity and became a preferred location for sunbathing and swimming. The beach follows high environmental and safety standards and is classified as a blue-flag beach. This area of Malta is a guaranteed bet for a good time. And, in the early hours of the morning, St. George’s Bay is a great spot to take a walk while enjoying the Maltese sunrise. Bonus…this beach is just a 7 minute walk from the hotel.

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Golden Bay

Golden Bay, located on the north-west coast of the Maltese islands, gets its name from the long stretch of golden sand. It is a popular destination for a relaxing day on the warm sand, as well as a hike on the natural clay cliffs that surround the bay. The Knights of St John, during their time in Malta, built a 17th century guard tower on the cliff overlooking the beach. The sun sets right over the horizon, making it a spectacular sight one must not miss. It is a place where the beauty of nature and the culture of Malta fuse to give a magical experience to visitors. It is a family-friendly, blue-flag certified beach that has wheelchair access.

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Mellieħa Bay

Mellieħa Bay, known locally as Għadira, is considered to be the largest sandy beach in Malta. This beach is located in the northern part of Malta. The word Mellieħa is derived from the Maltese word melħ which means “salt.” This is most likely a reference to the Punic-Roman salt pans that once existed in this region. The ankle-deep shallow water and easy accessibility make it a family-friendly vacation destination. At Mellieħa Bay one can enjoy a number of fun activities like wind surfing, canoeing, water skiing, and more. The beach is certified as a blue-flag beach and maintains high environmental qualities. Also, Mellieħa Bay is near to Għadira Nature Reserve, which is home to a wide variety of animals and migratory birds – you can add this to your visit.

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St Thomas Bay

St. Thomas Bay, found in Marsascala, is a popular destination amongst tourists and locals. It is located on the southern tip of Malta, and it only takes a 15 minute walk from Marsaskala center to reach the beach. The bay was named after an ancient chapel dedicated to St. Thomas the Apostle. According to certain historians, St Thomas Bay was the authentic landfall of St. Paul the Apostle after his shipwreck on Malta.   This argument is based on both geography and the uncovering of ancient Roman anchors in the bay by archeologists. It is a small sandy beach which is a perfect location to relax. The shallow bay waters and the calm atmosphere makes it a perfect destination for your family vacation. Make sure to check it out if you are planning beach hopping in Malta.

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Blue Lagoon

 The Blue Lagoon, situated on the west coast of the island of Comino, Malta’s sister island, is a bucket list destination for anyone visiting Malta. Comino is one of the smallest inhabited islands of Malta. It is a peaceful place. This beach can only be accessed via a short boat trip from Malta. You can also take a hop-on/hop-off ferry to get there. The water is crystal clear, like you have never seen before, and together with its sandy beach, it’s the main attraction of this place. The gentle waves and clear turquoise water make the Blue Lagoon a paradise. Even though the beach is mostly rocky, this place is worth visiting.

An island holiday would not be complete without scuba diving, snorkeling, or water sport experiences. And Malta offers all of this, and more. Book your stay with us at Number 11, the Urban Hotel in St. Julian’s, to truly experience all that the island has to offer.