At Urban Hotels Malta we believe strongly in the effects of TLC, and not just for our guests but also for the environment. We are therefore committed to operate in as sustainable a manner as possible. Through our policies on laundry and our efforts to reduce the use of single use plastic, we strive to reduce the carbon footprint of our business and safeguard our fragile ecosystem.  At number11 you’ll find refillable shampoo containers, water dispensers and digital access to rooms as opposed to plastic key cards.

The hotel is also equipped with double glazed glass and a super techy water heating system, which makes it one of the most energy-efficient hotels on the island. Whilst providing the best possible care to our guests we factor the environment in our everyday decisions, proactively raising awareness and training our staff to follow the most sustainable practices.

However we can only make a real difference with the help of our guests, whom we encourage to reuse towels whenever possible, and to avoid waste and excessive energy consumption. We also encourage our esteemed guests to explore Malta by public transport, bicycle or on foot by providing information on these routes and options at reception.